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DIA2000 – Service ends! Everything you need to know - Go for [FP]-LIMS!

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You change to a more modern client or want to move your DIA2000 software and your database to a new server network, but the installation simply does not work? Has an old computer finally surrendered and forced you to buy a new one? This page will tell you everything you need to know before updating to our new software solution [FP]-LIMS. Contact us for possible compatibility problems.

With our successor software to DIA2000/ DIA2000SE , we can guarantee compatibility on new operating systems and you can simply take your data with you to the new device or to the new [FP]-LIMS, which can offer you a wider range of interfaces in addition to the new functions. No more problems to automatically store the data of new measuring instruments in your database.

We have already impressed you with our software solution when you bought DIA2000, with features like the web interface, which allows you to monitor all data remotely and ensure your quality, or our audit trail, which stores all activities and allows you to trace all data and errors. Then [FP]-LIMS is the modern solution for your data management tasks, more flexible and powerful than ever before.

You already use our DIA2000 software? And do not know whether you should change to a newer version?

Not only Microsoft improves the usability and data protection with every new version of their software, we at Fink & Partner do too. We attach great importance to the usability of our software, the most modern technology and the security of your data. With [FP]-LIMS’ blockchain technology, your data is more secure than ever before with DIA2000. And the many new interfaces allow you to automate your laboratory processes even more. Reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize the security of your data with the new laboratory information and management system from Fink & Partner.

Switching from DIA2000 to [FP]-LIMS? Nothing you have to worry about – all your data is retained and we take care of the installation for you. Afterward, all you have to do is enjoy all the benefits of our new software solution and get back to work. If you have any questions, please contact our support or request a free LIMS Demo.

What can [FP]-LIMS offer you that DIA2000 cannot?

First of all, with [FP]-LIMS we can offer you service beyond 2022, because at the end of the aforementioned year we will discontinue service for our aging DIA2000 software. If you want to continue to take advantage of our support even in 2023, then switch to our [FP]-LIMS software now. Of course, you will find all the old strengths of DIA2000 in our new [FP]-LIMS. Furthermore you will find:

  • More modern technology
  • Extended range of functions
  • Support of latest Microsoft operating systems
  • Connection to old instruments from Spectro and Bruker, as well as new instruments like the SpectroLAB type M12 possible.

As you can see an update is very worth considering, due to the even higher flexibility, compatibility and data security [FP]-LIMS provides.

WHAT IS LIMS SOFTWARE? Download our lims guide!

What other functions does [FP]-LIMS offer you?

Our new software shines through its modular structure, so that further modules can be added as required in later use, this allows our LIMS system to always evolve with your work processes. In this way, we create enormous flexibility and a highly economical solution for a wide variety of tasks in all industries.

You need further interfaces for your software?

In addition to the well-known and familiar interfaces of DIA2000, [FP]-LIMS offers you further interfaces for your devices. This enables you, for example, to combine tensile tests or hardness tests in one system.

Analysis Management Module:

All information at a glance with the basic module you manage all data important for your area in one place. And see immediately whether all quality standards are met or whether you need to intervene in production. [FP]-LIMS shows you by colored highlighting which values are outside your tolerances, so you monitor the quality of your products in real time and can react in the shortest possible time to prevent material loss and thus save costs, while also increasing your efficiency.

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Inspection Order Management Module:

Easily manage all different and complex measurement and testing procedures with the Inspection Order Management module in your [FP] LIMS.

Recipe Management Module:

You can also manage your recipes with [FP]-LIMS, so you can store recipes in a safe place and only authorized employees can access them.

ERP Module:

The ERP module guarantees easy communication between the system and your other programs.

Web Interface Module:

Quick and easy access to your database even when you are on the road, no problem thanks to the web interface.

Do you use devices from different manufacturers?

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with numerous measuring instrument manufacturers, we have been able to expand our range of manufacturer interfaces for [FP]-LIMS. And if one of your instruments does not have a ready-made interface in our product, we will develop this missing interface as quickly as possible so that your LIMS can continue to help you with your work.

What do you need to prepare for the switch to our new software?

The computer on which [FP]-LIMS is to run must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • a 4-core processor with 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM working memory
  • And a free hard disk space of 20 GB

Also, information about your current version would help us a lot, you can find out which version you currently have installed under the menu item “Help” and “About”.

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How do we transfer the system successfully?

Do the above requirements match your hardware? Do you have the information about the version ready? You are welcome to contact us by phone and we will discuss the further procedure in live support! Alternatively, you can use the contact form below. Mention your desired date and our support will contact you.

You can also request a free consultation appointment on our website,
just click on the banner below!

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